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5 Top Earning Bloggers in the World

Over the past couple of years it seems that many people have created a blog. A blog is where they can write their thoughts, feelings, and just about anything else online where others can read and comment on it. It turns out that blogging can make a person a lot of money. They can get paid by advertisers and sponsors if their blog becomes popular enough. Anyone can set up a blog. There are many sites that will even host a blog. In order to earn money from the blog it must be high quality and contain information that visitors want to read. These are the top 5 earning bloggers in the world.


.1 Michael Arrington

Michael is a blogger and the co editor of the blog TechCrunch. This blog covers the latest happenings in Silicon Valley as well as start up companies. There are also articles about the latest advancements in technology not only in the United States but all around the world. Michel is known as the prophet of Silicon Valley and his blog is one of the most influential in technology news. He updates his blog several times a day so a person can get the most recent news. Michael earns around $800,000 per month or $9.6 million a year just by writing this blog.


.2 Pete Cashmore


Pete is both the founder and the SEO of the Mashable blog which is one of the top 10 blogs in the world. Pete is from Scotland and at the age of 19 he developed this blog. Mashable provides information on a number of topics including technology, business, and even social media as well as entertainment. This site has won several awards and is the leading independent blog in the world. With this blog Pete earns around 600,000 a month or 7.2 million a year. This amount of independent of his business ventures and is just based off of the money made from the blog.


.3 Mario Lavanderia

Mario is better known by his stage name, Perez Hilton. His blog has made his so famous that Perez became a television personality. His blog perezhilton.com covers celebrity and entertainment gossip. He has been the source for gossip since 2006. If there is a scandal happening Perez will be the first one to blog about it. People love to hear all the juicy information and Perez has made a career out of this. This blog earns him $400,000 a month or 5.2 million a year to spread the latest rumors.


.4 Vitaly Friedman


Vitaly founded the blog SmashingMagazine which is a blog that was designed for website designers. He makes most of his money on this blog from allowing other sites to advertise on it. He also makes money for affiliates. This blog is a very popular blog on the topic of web design. Those that are interested in web design can find tips, guidelines, and the latest news for website design. They can also find tutorials on how to perform certain aspects of the design. Vitaly brings in around $190,000 a month which allows him to earn 2.2 million every year.


.5 Timothy Sykes

Timothy is an expert in penny stock and trading stocks. His blog will help a person learn how to make money in the story market. Timothy has made over $1 million dollars a day by trading stocks in between his classes. In his blog he is willing to share his information as well as his knowledge of the stock market. If a person is looking to invest in stocks and make a great deal of money they should read this blog and follow the advise that he has listed. Timothy is very smart when it comes to the stock market and when to buy and sell. He makes over $2 million a month on his stock deals and his blog makes him more money. This is not bad for a part time job. Timothy earns $180,000 a month from his blog which allows him to earn 2.1 million a year in his spare time. He earns even more money from his adventures in the stock market.


These five people make a great deal of money from their blogs. These blogs are the top earning blogs in all of the world. While these blogs do provide information some of them provide commentary on entertainment. These blogs are marketed properly, contain information that people want to read, and allow their owners to make millions of dollars a year by operating a blog.